The SunShifter SEK


SunShifter - the ultimate in a sustainable power solution that seamlessly integrates with your fleet. Powered by the sun, it is the perfect fit for refrigerated applications, as it eliminates the need for diesel power in keeping your loads at the desired temperature - from deep freeze to heated loads. But that's not all! With SunShifter, you'll also benefit from an extended battery life for your EV class 5, 6, 7, and 8 semi-trucks, as well as power generation solutions for your cross-dock operation while your trailers are parked. Take your fleet to the next level with SunShifter and enjoy reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective power solutions.


Integrated Structural Roofing

Durable integrated solar roofing system with no exposed wiring and damage resistant composite construction.

Smart Power Distribution System

Electrically secure and compact power distribution system.

Onboard Mobility Package

Wireless technology allows driver, end user fleet or developer to access telematic data anytime anywhere.