Solar Electromobility
Powering the Future of Transportation

Sustainable power source means no reliance on the grid. 
At Westhill, we are pioneering and building the latest technologies that  LEAD the way of the FUTURE.


Integrated Structural Roofing

Durable integrated solar roofing system with no exposed wiring and damage resistant composite construction.

Smart Power Distribution System

Electrically secure and compact power distribution system.

Onboard Mobility Package

Wireless technology allows driver, end user fleet or developer to access telematic data anytime anywhere.


One SunShifter solar-powered trailer reduces COs emissions by up to 25 to 75 metric tonnes per trailer per year

Cost Efficiency

Cost savings of $10,000 to $35,000 per year per trailer depending on usage.

Quality Solutions

CSA U/L and ESA certified system integrates with brand name refrigeration systems.

The SunShifter SEK


SunShifter is a solar powered solution that integrates sustainable power into your fleet.  For refrigerated applications, the SunShifter eliminates the need for diesel power in keeping loads at temperature (deep freeze to heated loads).  Other advantages include: extension of battery life for the EV class 5, 6, 7 and 8 semi truck and power generation solutions to your cross dock operation while trailers are parked.



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