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Combining the best materials in novel ways and providing the industry with durable, lightweight and environmentally responsible composite solutions....That's Westhill Innovation.

Our Values


Our number one value is the safety of our employees and stakeholders (subcontractors, owners, and the general public). Safety, production and quality go hand-in-hand and are an integral part of our business


Our strength is our people. Our relationships between our employees, our partners and our communities are critical to the success of our business


There are no shortcuts to quality. Our customers can rest assured that every product we produce has been thoroughly inspected and meets our highest quality standards


We partner with our clients to deliver superior performance in a diligent, reliable and collaborative manner.

Innovative Products

Our process is specially designed with superior customer flexibility in mind. We can accomodate several product designs and varying thickness of incoming materials to suit specific product features so that we can tailor-design solutions to put your needs first 
Trailer Doors and Sidewalls

Trailer Doors and Sidewalls

Durable, lightweight and cost-effectve

Construction Facades and Signage

Construction Facades and Signage

Versatile and wide array of finishes .

New Product Development

New Product Development

Our people are encouraged to think creatively and constantly seek solutions


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